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Speech and Language Therapy is at the intersection of medical, linguistic, educational and psychological sciences and provides evaluation, treatment, support, prevention and counseling for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, speech, eating, drinking and swallowing.

NEWS Nomination of upcoming board members

Dear members

Here you will find the documents needed for the nominations for the Board of CPLO for the elections in May 2019 in Malta.
Please note the deadline set on the 21st of December 2018.
Thank you for the attention you give to this matter and for your contribution to the future of CPLOL!

Chers membres

Vous trouverez ici les documents nécessaire pour les nominations au comité (Board) du CPLOL pour l’élection de ma 2019 à Malte.
Nous vous prions de considérer le délai fixé au 21 décembre 2018.
Merci pour l’attention que vous portez à ce sujet et pour votre contribution au future du CPLOL !

30th Anniversary Brochure

CPLOL celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. The organization would like to salute and thank the initiators as well as all its members. This brochure is a portrait of the European organisation representing 30 years of involvement for the profession and the professionals.

30th Brochure d’anniversaire en français

Le CPLOL a fêté ses 30 ans cette année et l’organisation voudrait saluer et remercier les initiateurs ainsi que tous ses membres. Cette brochure est un portrait de l’organisation européenne représentant 30 années d’engagement pour la profession et les professionnels.

European Day of Speech and Language Therapy 6 March 2020: Reading and writing disabilities

Every year on March 6th, we celebrate the European Day of SLT. It’s the opportunity to inform the public and raise awareness about possible speech-language and communication disorders, about the work of SLTs, about CPLOL and the local organizations.

The 11th CPLOL Congress of Speech and Language Therapy

Save the dates
The 13th. - 15th. of May in Bilbao, Spain.
Follow announcements on the congress website.

The voice of European Speech and Language Therapists

CPLOL is the umbrella organization for Speech and Language associations, uniting 30 countries with more than 80’000 professionals across Europe.

SLT develop their competencies

Speech and Languages Therapists are committed to offer the best possible treatment to their patients and strive to stay on top of the scientific development of their profession. CPLOL offers a platform to its associations to provide links to the available courses, congresses, conferences and seminars (CPD).

SLT clinical Practice

The speech and language therapists work with individuals who, because of their disabilities, present or are likely to present problems of integration and adaptation in their family, professional or social surroundings.


NetQues is the acronym for Network for Tuning Standards and Quality of Education programmes
in Speech and Language Therapy across Europe
. It is an exciting partnership of 65 partners representing all 27 EU member states plus partners. The project aims to address the needs of tuning speech and language therapist / logopaedist (SLT) education in Europe through defining educational benchmarks and sharing best practice in teaching, learning and assessment. Read more on

SLT Education

In the European Union, the Education of Speech and Language Therapists is situated on a Bachelor or/and a Masters level and in different faculties. The initial training of SLTs reflects the scientific, professional and interdisciplinary aspects of the profession.

SLT across Europe

European Speech and Language Therapists can move across the borders of EU. As education, professional practice and language are different in the different countries, this can represent a challenge for the profession. CPLOL keeps updated information on EU decisions and legal issues in order to maintain a high quality of the SLT professional practice, for the benefit of the patients in all the countries.

Our Objectives


Our mission is to promote excellence across the profession in Europe and the right to effective communication and swallowing for all.


Our mission is to support European Speech and Language professional bodies and the profession through promoting ethical evidence based practice, setting standards, fostering excellence in professional practice and advocating for people with communication and swallowing difficulties.

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