How does a 3 year old speak? My child does not understand us well – is it normal? I don’t understand what my child is telling me, should I be worried?

You will find some documents here that give you information on children’s language development and on prevention about possible impairments.


A poster is available describing the acquisition of receptive and expressive language skills.

The poster is available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Slovenian, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh. Find them under Documents ⇒ Prevention.


If you are interested in how to facilitate your child's language development, leaflets are available for the different stages as outlined below:

0 - 12 months

1 - 2 years

2 - 3 years

3 - 4 years

You will find the leaflets, in several languages, under Documents ⇒ Prevention.


A language development questionnaire has been designed to raise awareness about speech development for children of 18-54 months of age and to help you discover language delays as soon as possible. The questions ask about the acquisition of speech and language development skills.

The aim is to raise parents’ awareness of a possible delay in speech and language development, which are indications of possible speech and language difficulties in the future.

In case of a doubt concerning the development of a child’s language, a check-up by a speech and language therapist can be asked.

The questionnaire is available in 11 languages. Find it under Documents ⇒ Prevention.