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Comité Permanent de Liaison des Orthophonistes-Logopèdes de l’UE

Standing Liaison Committee of E.U. Speech and Language Therapists and Logopedists

Presentations - Friday morning

Honorary speech: Why do some children find language so hard to learn?


Parallel Session 1: Child language: Assessment and diagnosis

Parallel Session 2: Multilingualism 
NB: "P.n.a." after a title = Presentation not available
02.1   Vocabulary in simultaneous and sequential bilingual first graders (P.n.a.)

02.4   Primary language impairment in multilingual children: Identifying gaps in knowledge (P.n.a.)

02.6   The bilingual parents' questionnaire (BIPAQ) in a clinical setting: Diagnosis and treatment (P.n.a.)

Parallel Session 3: Speech disorders in children 

03.1   Intelligibility in Context Scale: A screening tool for multilingual children in 60 languages (P.n.a.)   

03.5   Speech-language and neuroradiological characteristics of Italian children affected by idiopathic CAS (P.n.a.)

Parallel Session 4: Voice I 

04.3   The AVQI with extended representativity: External validity and diagnostic precision with 1058 voice samples (P.n.a.)

Invited Session 1:  Speech-Language-Pathology in the USA and ASHA: Their history and their future 

Round table discussion - Education issues in Europe: CPLOL’s role in the formation of guidelines 

RT1   Developing clinical competencies with multilingual populations: Focus on initial SLT education programs



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