Comité Permanent de Liaison des Orthophonistes-Logopèdes de l’UE

Standing Liaison Committee of E.U. Speech and Language Therapists and Logopedists

History of the congresses


The main aim of CPLOL congresses is to make possible the exchange of scientific and professional information, and to encourage research and European harmonisation within speech and language therapy / logopaedics.

Evolution of CPLOL congresses






Plenary sessions



Keynote speakers and parallel sessions

Parallel sessions were introduced, selection of papers by scientific committee


Keynote speakers and parallel sessions

A theme is selected for the congress, selection criteria for papers is set up


Plenary sessions

No parallel sessions, due to space restriction


3 keynote speakers and 17 parallel sessions

Large amount of papers submitted

Large amount of posters presented


Keynote speakers and parallel sessions

Participants from countries outside EU, including USA


Keynote speakers and parallel sessions

Online abstracts submission and review


Keynote speakers and parallel sessions

Specific congress website

2015 Keynote speakers and parallel sessions Specific congress website


The structure of the congresses has evolved along the years, at first just a few parallel sessions and plenary sessions to have at  the 5th congress 17 parallel sessions in Edinburgh. The organisers realized very quickly that the delegates attending these conferences wanted to be confronted with a  large choice. This was taken into consideration and was the leading aim for following congresses.

The responsibility of the committee organising such conferences has grown larger over the years. In fact, this committee is responsible for choosing the theme of the congress, setting up the program, sending out the call for papers and posters, selecting the ones for the program and promoting the conference at different levels.

As technology has moved on so fast, so has the conference organisation. The use of web publicity, email transfers and congress proceedings shows this clearly. Now congress proceedings are published online only!

As for the selection of the country and location where the CPLOL congress will be held, this decision is taken by a majority vote at the General Assembly.

The publicity is the responsibility of each member association (journals, national websites,  special mailings  etc.)


Year Venue Theme Contents Proceedings  
1992 Athens

The Challenge of 1992. Current trends in the Science of Speech and Language Pathology in Europe

Program Published
in book form
ISBN 960 7019 54 7
1994 Antwerp

2ème Congrès Européen de Pathologie de la Parole et du Langage

(only in French)
in book form
ISBN 960 344 063 9
1997 Lisbon

Is Speech and Language Therapy effective ?  




Quality and Efficacy in Speech and Language Therapy


Published on  CD-Rom




Evidence-based practice


Published on  CD-Rom

2006 Berlin

A multilingual and multicultural Europe - A challenge for speech and language therapists

Program Published on CD-Rom Congress Report
2009 Ljubljana

Speech-language therapy in Europe: Sharing good clinical practice

Program Published on Congress Report
2012 The Hague New advances in SLT professional practice and education Programme Published on Congress Report
2015 Florence Open the doors to communication  Programme Presentations
available here
Congress Report